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Turkey - Russia relationship problems

18 January, 2016

Russian ban hurts medical and health tourism

UK tightens up on 'health tourists'

23 December, 2015

Overseas patients to be charged for emergency treatment in UK's NHS

Kerala has potential

14 December, 2015

New report on Kerala highlights medical tourism potential

Potential for Iran in medical tourism?

09 December, 2015

Can Iran fulfil its potential as a medical and health tourism destination?

Cyprus sponsors medical tourism

26 November, 2015

Official figures on numbers of state patients sent abroad

India up the ante

23 November, 2015

16-point agenda to position India as a preferred medical tourism destination

Temos accreditation in Albania

19 November, 2015

Temos certifies Hygeia Hospital Tirana

Breakthrough in Mexico?

16 November, 2015

US man with Multiple Sclerosis seeks experimental surgery in Mexico

Outbreak in Singapore

06 November, 2015

Cover up on hospital deaths could damage medical tourism

Germany turns on the charm

05 November, 2015

Germany's attraction for Gulf medical tourists stimulates agency growth

Nigeria's strong opposition

26 October, 2015

NMA’s ex-president attacks double standards on medical tourism by public office holders

Time to rethink

20 October, 2015

Medical and wellness tourism needs to link with general tourism to India

New strategy for France

02 October, 2015

French government to stimulate inbound medical tourism

France cross border healthcare

01 October, 2015

UK NHS group commissions healthcare from French providers

Turkey and Georgia partnership

30 September, 2015

Georgia region endorses Turkish hospital


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