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Colombia medical travel risks

10 October, 2019

Patient danger in Colombia


Blocks to German cancer clinic

03 April, 2019

GoFundMe blocks fundraising for treatment at German oncology clinic

Reducing medical tourism scams

13 March, 2019

New consumer group to help medical tourism scam victims

Israel stem cell therapy ethics

01 March, 2019

Foreign patients will subsidise experimental stem cell treatment for Israelis

Taiwan stem cell therapy

20 February, 2019

6 types of stem cell therapy allowed

Cambodia surrogacy crackdown

26 December, 2018

Arrested surrogates released on bail

UK outbound fertility travel

20 December, 2018

UK court decision could impact fertility treatment abroad

UK cosmetic surgery

07 December, 2018

UK BAAPS launches pre-op psychological screening tool

Holland IVF treatment broadens

23 November, 2018

At least two Netherlands IVF clinics to help gay couples and surrogate mothers

US stem cell crack down

22 November, 2018

FDA warning to US stem cell industry

Cambodia surrogacy tourism

22 November, 2018

Surrogates arrested in Cambodia

Israel surrogacy limitations

18 November, 2018

Knesset rejects bill to broaden surrogacy access

UK outbound cosmetic surgery tourism

09 November, 2018

Turkey & Belgium cause most UK cosmetic surgery aftercare issues

Canada stem cell treatment

18 October, 2018

Canada businesses are providing untested stem cell treatment

Malta widens IVF access

16 October, 2018

New law permits frozen embryos in Malta

UK sex selection

15 October, 2018

Investigation into UK gender selection service



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