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US hospitals losing US$50bn a month

05 January, 2021

Falls in medical tourism hurt USA

Global healthcare and travel will never be the same

07 July, 2020

Futurologist’s suggestions on life after COVID-19


UK outbound medical travel

11 January, 2021

New UK vaccination card unlikely to boost travel

Travel: 2025 for full recovery

09 December, 2020

New study predicts slow recovery for travel

Tourism recovery through innovation

08 December, 2020

Rethink travel through regenerative tourism and technology

China: Hainan’s new medical centre

01 December, 2020

Bo'ao Winhealth Rare Disease Medical Centre opens

Singapore medical cost expectations

01 December, 2020

Travel health insurance advised for Singapore

UK cosmetic surgery

01 December, 2020

Demand for cosmetic procedures in the UK remains strong

Wellness Travel Outlook 2020-21

24 November, 2020

Latest guide to one of the fastest growing niches in the travel industry

Global travel trends

17 November, 2020

International tourism down 70%

Digital health pass for travellers

11 November, 2020

CommonPass international trials begin

Long-haul travel trends

11 November, 2020

Positive shift, but trips to Europe stay low

Tourism: to recovery and beyond

23 October, 2020

Recommendations for global tourism recovery

UAE healthcare trends

23 October, 2020

Opportunities, trends and emerging growth in UAE healthcare

Global tourism down 65%

08 October, 2020

Latest UNTWO shows drop for 2020

Turkey inbound medical tourism

01 October, 2020

Turkey claims 662,000 medical tourists in 2019

Russia’s medical travel sector

01 October, 2020

What is stopping Russia from developing medical tourism?



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