• Care of the elderly


Global healthcare trends

10 March, 2020

Findings from Health at a Glance 2019

Croatia health tourism investment risk

24 February, 2020

Chinese investor delays health destination project in Croatia

Global healthcare trends

22 January, 2020

More focus needed on the patient experience

Healthcare accreditation recognition

17 January, 2020

America’s ACCI approved by IEEA

Croatia health tourism investment

16 December, 2019

Chinese company invests in Croatia

Ireland cross-border medical travel risk

24 October, 2019

EU healthcare reimbursement delay impacts older patients in Ireland

Reviewing Turkey’s health tourism

18 October, 2019

Success for one out of three health tourism sectors in Turkey

Jamaica medical tourism

09 October, 2019

Overseas investment in Jamaica needed first

Understanding the wellness economy

03 October, 2019

Drivers of the global wellness sector

Turkey health tourism trends

30 September, 2019

More health tourists, but lower spend for Turkey

UK-Ireland cross-border healthcare

05 September, 2019

Is Brexit affecting EU funded cross-border healthcare projects?

Building Philippines medical tourism

28 August, 2019

New dental services in Cebu, Philippines

Wellness cruising

28 August, 2019

Seabourn grows dedicated wellness cruising

Future trends in healthcare

08 July, 2019

Predicting global healthcare in 2040

China healthcare demand

05 July, 2019

Delivering healthcare for 200m middle class Chinese



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