Up to 1m Americans treated in Mexico


In the article, Woodman said this figure was a "conservative estimate", and excludes non-citizens and undocumented immigrants, of which he claims there are thousands who also make the trip to Mexico each year for treatment.   He admits however the true number of Americans who travel south for treatment is difficult to estimate, as medical travel is typically a private affair.

Woodman states in the article that roughly 75% of those traveling to Mexico for treatment are making the journey across the border for dental or cosmetic care, with around 60% receiving dental care, while another 15% travel for cosmetic surgery. The remainder, he says, mainly travel for orthopedics, bariatrics (weight loss procedures), optometry, IVF and other services.

There have been claims that one million US medical tourists are travelling to Mexico dating back to 2014, but nobody can say where that guesstimate came from.

The main problem is that many Americans go to Mexico for legal outpatient drugs from hospitals and clinics at a fraction of the USA price, so figures are inflated if these people, who do not have inpatient or outpatient treatment, are included. Recent concerns on treatment quality may also be putting people off.

For further analysis of medical travel to Mexico and the IMTJ estimate of numbers visiting the Mexico for treatment, visit the IMTJ Country Profile.



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