2018-2020 plan held up by government reforms


According to Ruslan Guliyev, chairman of the Association for Support of Medical and Thermal Tourism of Azerbaijan, quoted in Azernews, at the beginning of the year it was planned to adopt the "Action Plan for the Development of Health Tourism", designed for 2018-2020, but this process has been delayed due to reforms in the ministry and the establishment of new State Tourism Agency.

The new strategy for the development of health tourism in Azerbaijan may be adopted by the end of 2018. "The strategy is almost ready and must be submitted to the Azerbaijani parliament in the near future," said Guliyev.

The article states that health tourism in Azerbaijan has been noticeably improved after the adoption of a state program on development of resorts in 2009-2018. To boost the sector, the Association was established to support the health and thermal tourism in Azerbaijan, and modern medical and health centers were opened in Baku, Naftalan, Nakhchivan and other regions of the country.

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