3 Bali hospitals being prepared for medical tourism


The article says there are three hospitals in Bali being prepared for medical tourism: the newly opened Bali Mandara Hospital in Sanur, which will be Bali's leading cancer treatment centre starting in 2020; Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar, which specialises in treating heart-related diseases; and the Sanjiwani General Hospital in Gianyar, which focuses on handling nervous system illnesses.

Gapura Bali highlights another 2018 article on Bali's plans to develop the medical tourism industry, citing Medical Departures, a medical marketplace, as saying Bali Mandara Hospital had "received AUD 19 million from the provincial annual budget for its construction, with another AUD 19 million invested in its facilities."

The hospital is also apparently receiving Australian support from Royal Darwin Hospital, which is offering consultancy services to help reach international standards. 



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