36.9m Americans travelled to Mexico in 2018


Despite the political rhetoric, Mexico is the most popular travel destination for Americans.

36.9 million Americans travelled to Mexico in 2018, and of these, only 10.1 million travelled by air.

US air travel to overseas markets was 41.8 million, up 9%. Specifically, travel was up to:

  • Europe, 17.7 million - up 12%
  • Caribbean, 8.3 million - up 5%
  • Asia, 6.3 million - up 8%
  • Central America, 3.2 million - up 7%
  • Middle East, 2.4 million - up 6%
  • South America, 2.1 million - up 9%
  • Oceania, 861,000 - up 11%
  • Africa, 432,000 - up 7%

14.3 million Americas travelled to Canada, unchanged since 2017, including 4.6 million by air.

Canada and Mexico numbers are preliminary. Overseas and Mexico air markets reflect non-stop air-only data. A portion of the non-stop passenger traffic to Europe, Middle East and Mexico will transit those regions, connecting through airline hubs. The adjustment to these regions, reflecting visitation (1+ nights), will be available later in 2019.



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