Action plan for the development of Azerbaijan health tourism


Health tourism has great potential in Azerbaijan. New infrastructure has been created in Naftalan, Galaalti, Gabala, Nakhchivan and Lankaran, and work continues on the establishment of recreational tourism zones in Khizi-Khachmaz, Guba and Gusar regions.

Health, wellness, spa and spa hotels are a big part of Azerbaijan local tourism. The country has lots of natural geographic advantages which should help develop health tourism, in its fresh mountain air, pure water, organic products, healing mud and beaches on the Caspian Sea.

A local speciality is treatment with Naftalan oil. Known since ancient times and mentioned in the works of prominent Greece historians Herodotus and Plutarch, Naftalan oil is used in therapeutic baths to treat over 70 illnesses. Naftalan town has a treatment centre with unique natural treatments that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

View the IMTJ country report for further details about medical tourism in Azerbaijan.



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