Agencies promote Central and Southern American medical tourism


Taking advantage of the publicity that US domestic and overseas medical tourism is getting, an increasing number of agencies are promoting hospitals and clinics in South and Central America as cheaper than the USA, and with an eye on the ever increasing costs of air travel, a much shorter flight time than Asian destinations.

Connecticut agency, Weltrek, is launching medical tourism and healthcare destination guides providing exclusive highlights of a destination, country or city with detailed information about the quality of healthcare found in that region. The agency only offers treatment at four locations in Ecuador and Costa Rica.

Weltrek also offer Wel-pass for patients at a reduced cost for a limited period of time. Acquiring the Wel-pass allows patients to talk to their prospective surgeon via phone or web conference to answer any questions about their procedure. Patients can also transfer their medical transcripts to their chosen surgeon, safely and securely.

Medical tourism agency, Gorgeous Getaways, has entered into a partnership with Costamed Hospital and Dental (CMC) to promote Cozumel in Mexico to Canadian and American patients seeking affordable high quality medical treatment in a safe and relaxing environment. US medical tourism agency, MedToGo International is helping an increasing number of Canadians get surgery in Mexico.

US agency, Medical Tourism Company (MTC), is offering weight loss surgery in Mexico, 60-70% cheaper than in the USA. Mexico has emerged as a cost saving option even after considering travel, accommodation and other expenditures. MTC offers affordable weight loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Hermosillo, Cuidad Juarez, Monterey, and Mexicali. MTC has also added cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica as Costa Rica is close to the United States and Canada and presents minimal problems in travel planning or budgeting. Costa Rica cosmetic surgery prices are very affordable.

The Fundacion de Santa Fe de Bogota hospital in Colombia's capital is one of few hospitals in Latin America that is able to treat advanced abdominal cancers. It offers specialist treatment that is only available in a very small number of places globally, and only three sites in Latin America. Currently, the outlook for people with these conditions treated with conventional therapy is poor; for patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis from colorectal cancer median survival time is six to eight months, with no five-year survivors. The HIPEC treatment shows promising results; research documents five-year survival rates varying from 25 to 70%. The treatment is helping the burgeoning Colombian medical tourism industry, attracting patients from other countries who would be unable to afford or otherwise access this life-saving treatment.



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