Ambitious plans for Indian medical travel platform


To support medical tourism in key markets including India, UAE, Turkey and South East Asia, surgery consultancy start-up, Hospals, has launched a tech-enabled promotion platform for hospitals.

The platform enables hospitals to connect with Hospals Surgery Consultants across the world who are guiding patients from their respective countries in choosing the right hospital brand for their healthcare needs.

AI solutions enable consultants to find the most suitable hospitals for over 700 surgeries, and engage with these hospitals for queries and quotes. With a suite of multi-lingual apps for consultants and patients, it claims to enable hospitals to increase their reach and depth of patient engagement across the globe.

Launched eight years ago by Danish Ahmed in India, Hospals has a tech-enabled network of surgery consultants across India, and soon, the Middle East, Bangladesh and many African countries.

The start-up is aiming high to strengthen India’s medical tourism and enable hospitals to seamlessly reach out to foreign patients seeking medical help by offering a marketing and promotion platform.

Hospals claims to be one of Asia's largest medical travel companies, serving 6,000 patients every year from 38 countries who seek treatment in India, at one of 62 listed hospitals. Hospals also runs patient guesthouses near to Indian hospitals.

It is creating a network of surgery consultants to help patients around the world, by helping them in finding the best surgeons in Asia, based on their medical needs, location and budget.

Many such platforms have launched and many have gone out of business due to the high cost of dealing with many enquiries with a very low take up rate. Many similar medical and insurance platforms have launched, and either ceased trading or continued in a very low-key way; all tend to burn through large amounts of money on personnel, tech, and marketing.

In 2018, Hospers raised Rest. 10 cores (US$1.5 million) from a funding round led by Japan based Venture Catalysts and Spiral Ventures.

It is a significant target to increase numbers from 6,000 a year to 50,000 by 2023. While many Indian hospitals will pay large fees to agencies, in many countries they will either pay a small fee only or nothing.



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