Arab and African target countries for Egypt’s medical tourism sector


The foundation pointed out that the initiative would join medical service, tourist and insurance companies in Arab and African countries to deliver treatment and health recovery in Egypt.

The foundation clarified that the initiative would be implemented in cooperation with providers of medical services in Egypt including physicians, specialised medical centres and hospitals, physical therapy centres, eye centres, radiology centres and analytical laboratories.

The article says that Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism has considered locations for launching the medical tourism project in 2019, mentioning the chemical content of the Red Sea waters and the presence of coral reefs that help to cure psoriasis.

IMTJ analysis suggests that medical tourists to Egypt rank in the low thousands, and this may have been further reduced with the political upheavals and terrorism in recent years. Medical tourists travel to take advantage of Egypt's low prices, generally seeking cosmetic surgery, heart surgery, eye surgery and dental treatment.

For further independent analysis of the medical tourism sector in Egypt, visit the IMTJ Country Profile.



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