Argentina promotes high quality of health and wellness tourism


Argentina’s tourism organization INPROTUR is promoting niche areas of the country’s tourism under the banner of ‘Argentina Authentic”. The twelve selected niches are polo, Jewish experience, educational, patrimony of mankind, rural, urban, cultural and cruises- plus health, wellness, spa and thermal.

In all these sectors, and in a separate campaign on luxury tourism, Argentina is promoting quality, comfort and care; having moved away from price competition.

Health tourism is promoting medical tourism by emphasizing the quality, professionalism and high-tech services of hospitals and clinics-plus personal attention, comfort and specialist services.

Wellness tourism is promoting cosmetic surgery, beauty treatment, anti-stress and weight loss services in clinics, and promoting the range of beauty, therapy and relaxation services in thermal spas and health centres.

Thermal spa tourism is promoting the 40 thermal spas with water that has volcanic, magmatic or telluric origins. They offer treatment illness of the skin, bones, digestive, breathing, and circulative systems, as well as relaxation and beauty treatments. In the North, there are 17 thermal spas. In the province of Entre Ríos, ten thermal centres promote themselves as thermal parks that can be visited by the whole family all year round.

Spa tourism is promoted as offering relaxation for local and international tourists, with health and beauty treatments, within natural landscapes and many outdoor activities. - all with specialist staff and a medical director to assure the quality of treatment and care.

8 new spas are opening by 2014, while most of the existing spas are new or have been recently upgraded.

INPROTUR also says that spa and health tourism grew 38% in the 5 years between 2008 and 2012, and is predicted to grow faster than medical tourism in the next few years.

Argentina sees huge potential in luxury travel, one of the fastest growing global tourism segments. This niche aims at those who can afford to stay in a 5 star’ hotel and want tailor made services, not package travel. Several spas and hotel spas promote themselves to this profitable market.

Luxury travel hotels with wellness offerings include-
• Iguazú Grand Resort Spa & Casino
• Las Balsas Gourmet Hotel & Spa
• Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Golf-Spa
• Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa - Ushuaia

Las Balsas Spa offers an exclusive service for guests, inviting them to relax by Nahuel Huapi Lake with physical exercise routines, massages and face and body treatments. The spa offers a gym; an in/out heated pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, Scottish shower and relax room- with a Pilates bed.

Luxury spa travel is becoming an important area within luxury travel, and also meets the growing demand for wellness travel. The spa experience is becoming a necessity for both male and female luxury travellers. Spas are increasingly driving factors in a destination choice so the luxury hotel industry and the spa and wellness sectors are working together to maximise inbound luxury tourism opportunities.

Argentina is one of the first countries to concentrate health and wellness tourism promotion, not just on the care and quality of the offering, but emphasizing its appeal at the top-end, and the most profitable niche of luxury travel. Spas and hotels are investing in new build and upgrades to target this sector, while most competing countries still focus on price.



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