Azerbaijan health tourism action plan and state registry coming soon


Azerbaijan will launch an action plan to develop health tourism and set up a state register of tourism.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism action plan for the development of health tourism for 2018-2020 will be presented in Azerbaijan soon, according to Ruslan Guliyev of the Azerbaijan Health and Thermal Tourism Support Association. The plan will reflect issues of branding and obtaining international certification.

The state also plans to launch the State Register of Tourism in Azerbaijan soon, two years after being agreed. The registry will help improve coordination and allow the monitoring and control over tourism activities of tourism. The collected statistics will help coordinate the activities in this field more rationally.

The state tourism registry is being created upon the presidential order dated Sept. 1, 2016 with the aim of developing tourism in Azerbaijan and expanding the possibilities of using modern information and communication technologies in this field. Companies and tourism entities will be able to enter their information in this registry. The Culture and Tourism Ministry, and other departments of state, will check the information entered by companies, hotels, and people in the system.

While there is currently very little inbound medical tourism, health tourism in Azerbaijan has been noticeably improved after the adoption of the state programme on development of resorts in 2009-2018.

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