Barbados is the latest Caribbean country to launch an online investment guide


Under the Medical Tourism heading, the guide claims that, as a “leading tourist destination known for its excellent quality of life, Barbados is well placed to take advantage of opportunities in the medical tourism sector”.  It stresses the island's healing qualities such as fresh sea breezes, clean open spaces and perennial sunshine.

The guide identifies the Barbados Fertility Centre as being the forefront of delivering these services in Barbados, and is the only Joint Commission International accredited IVF facility in the Caribbean.

It also identifies two other healthcare providers in Barbados as attractive for international investment.  The 4H Hospital at the Sparman Clinic, as a concierge medical facility that caters to the needs of both local, regional and international clients. Main services offered are cardiac care and cosmetic surgery.

The Premiere Surgical Centre is a new state of the art facility dedicated to offering a safe and professional environment for outpatient and ambulatory procedures. Specialties include neurosurgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, urology and dental services, among others.

The guide states that the Barbados authorities are committed to creating the appropriate enabling environment to ensure the further growth of the medical tourism sector.



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