Bo'ao Winhealth Rare Disease Medical Centre opens


The centre has established cooperation with experts and institutes for rare diseases, patient groups and various domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies.

With the mission of "To become the most comprehensive and advanced rare disease medical centre with the most advanced medical services in China, Southeast Asia and other surrounding areas", it will actively explore successful operation models to develop a national rare disease medical centre for the future.

The functions of the centre include:

  • introducing advanced rare disease medicines and devices,
  • providing high-end medical services,
  • cooperating with manufacturers, insurance companies and other stakeholders to solve affordability issues,
  • undertaking real-world studies in the short term, and other clinical trials in the future to support registration of overseas rare disease products in China, and
  • hosting and participating in domestic and overseas academic activities and patient group activities to facilitate the improvement of disease awareness and the level of diagnosis and treatment for rare diseases.


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