Bringing medical tourists to the USA


Most US medical tourism agencies and platforms either seek to send Americans to other countries, or concentrate on domestic medical tourism. VoyagerMed seeks to attract overseas patients to top US hospitals.

VoyagerMed is a medical tourism marketplace for international patients seeking high quality medical care in the USA. Based in New York City it suggests that at least 500,000 overseas patients a year seek treatment in the USA.

Saving money is not the driving need, but the platform seeks to direct US and overseas patients to places offering the most suitable treatment, at value for money prices.

There is no central state website or organisation offering information on US hospitals and doctors so patients struggle to connect with the right doctor for them, at the right price.

VoyagerMed’s Anthony Girand says, “VoyagerMed enables the individual doctor to create a robust international patients practice and helps their efforts to attract new patients from overseas. Many customers have specific needs that are not catered for at home such as rare cancers, complicated sports injuries, or new fertility treatment."

The website offers the medical tourism patient the ability to learn about over 1,000 procedures in 12 languages including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, German, Italian, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian. When the patient finds the right doctor on the site, they can contact that doctor directly or, with the help of the team, find the right doctor for their condition. The next step is a virtual consultation with the care team and the doctor’s practice to discuss the patient’s condition, review records and ask questions about treatment plans. This virtual consult enables patients and empowers them to have a full understanding about the range of options that exist in the USA that may not be available where that patient lives.




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