Cancer patients travel from Norway and UK to USA for proton beam therapy


In an agreement with the Norway Health Authority, UF Proton Therapy Institute in Florida will treat both children and adults who have rare tumors in the nasal and sinus cavity, skull, and brain.

There are no medical centres in Norway that offer proton therapy, and for cancers in highly sensitive areas, proton therapy provides patients a superior treatment that also minimizes risk of damage to vision, hearing and brain function.

UF Proton Therapy Institute has a similar arrangement with the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, which has referred 200 children and adults for proton therapy in Jacksonville, Florida since 2010.

Nancy Mendenhall of UF Proton Therapy Institute explains, “It is significant for both the advancement of proton therapy and our institution to be selected by our colleagues in Norway to care for their patients. It signifies acceptance of proton therapy as the gold standard of care for many kinds of cancer and it recognizes our medical expertise caring for patients who have cancers that in some cases are one in a million.”

Since opening in August 2006, UF Proton Therapy Institute has achieved international recognition for excellence in delivering proton therapy. The pediatric program is the largest proton therapy practice in the world, with an average of 25 children on treatment daily.

Hundreds of people travel great distances to Jacksonville each year to have proton therapy that can give patients the best hope for cure and to go on to live a normal, healthy life.



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