Chemical-free holidays and more


Their suggestions include:

Chemical-free holidays

With increases in pro-environment awareness and the need for sustainable practices across all sectors of the tourism industry, many hotels and retreats are finding ways of avoiding chemicals in their spas, housekeeping, bathroom amenities and restaurants. This includes stringent anti-chemical policies using natural alternatives or a philosophy around all things organic. Food waste initiatives where hotels are minimising their carbon footprints in terms of their F&B operations and recycling schemes are paramount. 

Dying well

A better death is becoming integral to a well-lived life. With the rise of a death positive movement that incorporates longevity practices, and how people can better mourn and memorialize loved ones.

Nature immersion getaways

There is an ever-increasing disassociation with natural surroundings, which can leave people physically and emotionally in deficit. More will get the joy of nature back on a wellness retreat in nature.   

Circadian traveller

Many people have long-standing sleep problems, due to stress and worry which expose them to a shift in the internal biological clock. Wellness retreats around the world offer programmes combining a range of holistic treatments and expert sleep tips.


There are retreats, which focus on rewilding the human body using a combination of nature, adventure, exercise, play, rest, nutrition and mindfulness.

Sound and spirit seekers

Music aids meditation and raises spiritual, healing energies.  Music can be used as a therapy.


Male mental health

There has been a big increase in men aged 45-70 booking wellness holidays, showing the modern man is investing in their health now more than ever. There is now a surplus of male-specific programmes from anti-ageing and personalised nutrition to golf and medical-spa. 

Digital and EMF detoxing

Increasingly popular are digital detoxes in a place where phones are surrendered or limited. Some retreats are simply places where it’s easy to switch off, where there’s no WIFI or mobile reception, or where they actively encourage people to limit screen time. Other wellness retreats offer dedicated detox breaks that make it easy to break a social media or screen habit surrounded by like-minded people. 

Wellness sabbatical

A new wellness trend is to embark on a long-term wellness programme while still staying connected to work in a positive and healthy environment. This can contribute to increased productivity, relaxation and a wider perspective. The work culture is changing, with those who can take regular sabbaticals on a long-stay structured wellness programme, embracing the balance between wellness and work.

Genetic lifestyle

Choosing a wellness retreat with a comprehensive programme involving genetic and other testing methods eradicates the one-size-fits-all approach and allows people to manage overall health and well-being using science, technology and common sense. Testing has become more affordable, less invasive and much more accurate, making peak performance widely obtainable.

Soft wellness travel

There are lifestyle hotels which incorporate slow or soft wellness approaches into their agenda with the additions of Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, nature walks and healthy cooking classes. 

Healthier destinations

With a substantial increase of people travelling worldwide on holiday, the surge of cultural experiences can also mean a strain on local resources, socially, environmentally and economically. Less trafficked locations, or places that are taking measures to combat over-tourism, protect delicate ecosystems or link tourism with sustainable projects where tourists can get involved and have a unique and rich involvement in the local culture. 



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