Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic come top


For the 6th consecutive year, SafeCare has published its 100 SafeCare hospitals listing of 100 hospitals with low infection rates, low readmission rates, low complication rates, high patient satisfaction scores, and high value.

For 2019, Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic are at the top of the list. Just 2% of US hospitals earn the prestigious 100 SafeCare hospitals distinction. These hospitals excel with low rates for infections, readmissions and complications, plus high patient satisfaction scores and high value.

The listings have the two-pronged goal of giving objective transparency to consumers and incentivising hospitals to improve care and reduce unnecessary errors that harm patients.

Like other service providers, hospitals are advertising how good they are.

The report highlights many opportunities for hospitals to reduce duplicate tests, reduce errors, and provide better care to patients.

Total health care spending in America was US$3.5 trillion in 2017 and US$1.1 trillion was spent on hospital services.

There is a 30% over use rate for tests ordered. The Institute of Medicine estimates that US$200 billion a year is spent on tests and procedures that are unnecessary.

There are between 715,000 and 776,000 hospital deaths each year in the USA. Estimates of preventable hospital deaths from medical errors range from 99,800 to 250,000 annually.



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