Clinic closures in Dubai for not complying with healthcare laws


The facilities include clinics, health centres and pharmacies, and were shut down after inspections found medical violations.

Not providing the necessary equipment in operation rooms as per approved standards and the lack of emergency medication were some of the reasons that resulted in the closure of these centres.

In some cases, the DHA closed the operation rooms for a month and these centres will be re-evaluated and reopened, if they are found to have corrected the violations.

The DHA believes in the important role of private health facilities in the development of Dubai’s health sector, it is keen to ensure the safety of patients by making sure that all health facilities comply with its rules and regulations.

The DHA is also working hard to further strengthen regulations to ensure the delivery of quality health services.

The DHA is the first authority to receive the International Customer Experience Standard (ICXS 2019) certification. The DHA received the certification by the British Standards Institution after meeting rigorous standards and conditions relating to the customer’s experience, through its many initiatives that aim to enhance and simplify the delivery of quality services. 



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