Commuting Dubai employees not covered


Many employees who work in Dubai but live in other emirates are calling on the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to direct health insurers, under the Dubai compulsory medical insurance scheme, to cover medical expenses incurred in healthcare facilities in Emirates other than Dubai.

They are in a bind because access to medical treatment under the scheme is restricted to Dubai. Residents of emirates other than Dubai, who hold a Dubai residence visa, will not be able to avail themselves of the benefits of the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) in the emirate where they actually reside, except for emergency medical treatment. This is a condition listed by insurance companies offering the EBP.

Insurers do not cover clinics in other emirates such as Ajman or Sharjah, except in emergency situations.

Thousands of people work in Dubai and hold Dubai residence visas but live in other emirates where the cost of living is lower. The EBP is the cheapest medical cover under Dubai's compulsory health insurance scheme. DHA authorises nine insurance companies to offer the EBP.

People residing in other emirates say that taking a sick child to a medical facility in Dubai is not practical. For example, the driving distance from Dubai to Sharjah is 55 km while that to Ajman is around 70 km.




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