Compulsory health insurance for Ecuador visitors delayed


Within new immigration legislation, there is a requirement that visitors prove they have health insurance when entering the country. It is unclear within the new rules whether or not this will apply to all individuals entering the country or just to those visiting for more than 90 days.

The Ministry of Tourism says: "Health insurance for tourists is a meaningful action for the country’s tourism development due to the benefit it means when choosing Ecuador as a destination and the wellbeing of everyone visiting this country."

The new rules were to go into effect May 1, 2018, after being previously postponed. The earliest that health insurance will be required now is July 22, 2018, after another 90-day delay.

The details remain fuzzy. Travel organisations are seeking to get the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism to clarify its numerous official press releases setting different dates for foreign visitors entering the country as tourists to show proof of health insurance covering the period of their stay in Ecuador.

There are no clear guidelines for what will be required of travellers. There are no official provisions explaining the minutiae of the application of the law (what type of insurance will be required, where the checkpoint will be, etc.)



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