Cosmetic surgery drives Armenian medical tourism


Cosmetic surgery is the driver for medical tourism to Armenia from Kazakhstan and Russia.

Medical tourists seeking nasal and abdominal wall surgery, and facial tension and rejuvenation, benefit from prices that are lower than in most nearby countries.

Local company iMed has created a mobile app so people globally can connect with Armenia’s cosmetic surgeons. The users can search and find any doctor via the app. The app also has other tools, such as the user can change the form of the nose and see how they will look with another nose. Thereafter, the user can discuss it in-detail with the doctor via the app. The app is available in Armenian, English and Russian.

Kazakhstan is leading in terms of number of medical tourists. Next come Armenians and Russians from Russia, 90% are Russians. There is also business from Australia and the Netherlands, where the majority of the visitors are Armenians. The number of people from European countries is small but cosmetic surgery tourists have arrived from France and the UK.

Local surgeries can see potential but seek government help in marketing Armenia as a destination.




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