Dental treatment abroad by auction


A new auction site claims that it will shake up the dental tourism industry. ClickFlySmile has launched a new dental auction tool that enables patients to compare dental treatment costs in the EU.

The company argues that people spend too much time finding the right clinic and treatment options and could still be concerned about the quality of the treatment abroad, while dental tourism agencies charge extra money for their services.

The dental auction tool allows customers to make choices on their dental treatment, with a wide selection of dental clinics and treatment options. Only fully screened dentists are listed who have experience in treating international patients.

How qualified Intice Ltd is to screen dentists, as it is not an approved health accreditor, is an interesting point. The organization provides no information on how it assesses or selects the participating clinics. Intice Ltd is a tech development company that appears to have no background or expertise in healthcare, nor involvement from dentists or healthcare professionals. Its previous development project is a calendar sync tool for the iPhone.

Erwan Allene of Intice, owner of, says, “There are a huge number of people who would love to have dental treatment abroad. If only they had a tool that makes it simpler for them to find the finest clinics and the largest choice of treatment plan options. We believe this new auction tool allows patients and dentists to meet regardless of time and space.”

Auctioning of services is always tricky as it encourages customers and providers to concentrate on the bottom line price rather than differences in quality of treatment or service. No two dentists are alike, and there is no universal standard of accreditation for dentists across Europe, it varies widely both between country, and within countries depending on what type of dental treatment is involved; a dentist may be brilliant at dental implants but have little experience of cosmetic dentistry.

We wait to see how the UK dental profession and the British Dental Association reacts to this auction approach to the marketing of dentistry.



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