Developing medical and health tourism in Bali


As part of this plan, the Indonesian government has earmarked land for Japanese company, Mitsui Healthcare , to build a hospital in Bali. Mitsui has invested in international hospitals across South East Asia, including in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

The government is seeking to promote the development of health facilities and health tourism in the country by assisting investors in opening international hospitals.

The Indonesian tourism industry has struggled with a lack of international visitors. Domestic tourism is increasing, as is domestic medical tourism.

The Indonesian Medical Tourism Board (IMTB) has agreed that there is potential in Bali to become the preferred destination of medical tourists who used to travel to Singapore or Malaysia for their treatment. The plan is also to turn Bali into a training centre for Indonesian medical staff, in cooperation with Japanese partners.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism has also established new protocols to ensure the country is Covid-safe. The InDOnesiaCARE campaign for Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) is being rolled out across the tourism sector.

Bali is expected to be the first destination to bounce back, as the region has already met many of its new CHSE protocols.



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