DHA closes Dubai hospital for three months


Following an investigation, the medical practice committee at the DHA decided to close the hospital for three months as a precautionary measure.

In a statement, the DHA said it ‘will not tolerate any law violations and will take action against those who do not work within the framework of responsible medical practice’.

Following a series of inspections, the hospital was found to have violated one of the health, environmental and safety conditions approved by the concerned authorities and the adoption of the policy of Code of Conduct for Healthcare Professionals.

The hospital will be re-evaluated following the three-month closure to ensure that all the recommendations and observations noted in the investigation report were met to assure the health and safety of patients and the quality of medical services and compliance with standards and regulatory health policies.

Last month, the Universal Hospital in Abu Dhabi was shut by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health due to financial issues, and the DHA announced it had closed a number of private health facilities for not complying with the authority’s laws and regulations.



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