Diplomatic Council promotes "Best Hospitals of the World"


The Diplomatic Council medical program, a Netherlands based membership group is certifying the “best hospitals of the world” for international patients and medical tourists. The fees for this certification process depend on the size of the facility. They usually range from €25,000 to €40,000 plus an annual renewal fee.

The certification process is carried out by Temos, the German based international hospital certifiers, who evaluate the hospital after a month-long preparation phase and review process, examining quality criteria relevant to the delivery of services to the international patient.

A second certification, "Approved for International Patients’ is conducted on a self-evaluation basis and can be obtained online. Hospitals  again pay an annual fee. But there is no visit or external audit. The fees for the certificate are €1,600 per year plus 19 % VAT.

The Diplomatic Council is a membership organisation, based in The Hague “founded as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with the purpose of developing friendly relations among nations”. membership is not restricted to members of the Diplomatic Corps, and is open to “distinguished personalities from politics, economy, society, culture and sports.”  According to their web site: ‘All members of the Diplomatic Council are reviewed by the “Council of Ambassadors” and being classified as “honourable”’ It does not have official status with any government or other body.



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