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As returns on investment in developing medical travel destinations remain elusive, scholars are raising questions about the effectiveness of pro-medical tourism policies and strategies.  Based on the theme ‘Medical tourism: Evaluation for future improvement’, this year's IMTJ Academic Conference in Athens provided a two-day forum for academics to discuss in-depth the current macro and micro-level issues facing the sector.

LaingBuisson has now published research abstracts from 16 papers presented at this conference.  Topics covered include:

  • Government policy on medical tourism in South Korea
  • Medical tourism management in Mexico
  • Volume to value based healthcare in the US
  • Business impact of JCI accreditation

"Much research has been completed to examine the macro issues in medical travel, like trends and mechanisms for patient mobility", says Jin Ki Nam, Chair of the Academic Advisory Board for the conference and Professor at the Department of Health Administration at Yonsei University, Korea. "However there is still not enough empirical evidence on the effects of medical tourism on either the source countries or the destination countries to robustly inform organisational and governmental policies.  The IMTJ Academic Conference is a great opportunity to bring together scholars from academic and research institutions from around the world to critically examine these issues."

The IMTJ Academic Conference took place 23-24 May 2018 in Athens, in conjunction with the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit (21-24 May 2018). The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2018 attracted 330 delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and participants from around the globe.

The research abstracts are free to download for IMTJ subscribers.



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