Discussion on Israel medical tourism law postponed


The Knesset Health Committee has postponed a discussion on the second and third reading of the proposed Medical Tourism Law that seeks to regulate the entry of non-Israelis to receive medical treatment in Israel.

The Israeli parliamentary committee has put discussions on hold while it decides whether or not the bill, which would restrict the ability of medical tourists to pay for use of Israel's medical system, would also apply to Palestinian Authority residents.

The proposed law has become tangled in the wider local problems of Jewish Israelis and Palestinians who live in Israel. There is a concern for Jews hospitalised alongside PA residents, especially when their families come to visit.

The Knesset Health Committee is seeking to understand why a growing number of Israeli hospital beds and hospital resources are being allocated to PA residents.  The wider problem is that there is a critical shortage of hospital bed space around the country.

The committee also had information from religious body Lavi suggesting that in some hospitals the majority of patients were from the PA and overseas; so needs to investigate the truth or not of these allegations.



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