Ekol Hospitals now in London


Ekol International Hospital is a general hospital with a 170-bed-capacity that has expanded from eye surgery into other sectors.

In normal times, the hospital has approximately 200 patients a month from the United Kingdom.

Following requests from patients, the hospital has set up a branch office in UK so that they can make their bookings through a contact office in their home country.

Salih Baz of Ekol Hospitals Group explains; “We need to be among our patients to understand our patients’ needs better, to take better care of them in the postoperative period and to answer their questions faster. So we have founded a company in the UK and opened our contact office in London which will soon be available for patients to come in and visit us.”

Ekol will also have a private Airbus, to fly patients from Dublin and London to İzmir in an all-inclusive package from January 2021.



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