European medical travel halted


Ukraine closed its borders for all tourism and foreign arrivals from August 29 until at least September 28, to help curb rising cases throughout the nation.

Hungary re-closed borders for international tourism on September 1, due to a worsening epidemiological situation across Europe. All tourists and foreign nationals are banned from entering Hungary, with very few exceptions for essential travellers including diplomats and spouses of Hungarian citizens.

All other countries are now in the red category; Hungary is the only green one, according to Hungary’s green, yellow and red rating system currently in force.

Although Hungarian nationals may leave the country, they will be required to have two negative results from coronavirus tests, with 48 hours between the tests, or stay in compulsory home quarantine for 14 days on their return.

The reason behind the closure, which will stay in force for at least a month, is that most of the newly confirmed coronavirus cases in Hungary have originated from foreign countries.

Ukraine has barred entry for all international arrivals from August 29. Like Hungary, Ukraine has green and red zoned countries that affect who can enter Ukraine and what restrictions apply. All tourists, whether on the red or green zone lists, must show proof of health insurance with COVID-19 coverage. 

Ukraine has seen a second-wave surge in cases since reopening for tourism in June, which has prompted the government to seal the country, stopping most foreign arrivals. The ban stops tourists from all countries, even low-risk nations, from entering Ukraine. 

For Hungary and Ukraine, the new bans apply to all medical, health and spa tourists.



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