Fertility clinics urged to be more honest


The article says that new figures show that since 2004, the number of women in their 40's undergoing fertility treatment in the UK has doubled, with 10,835 cases in 2017.

Mrs Cheshire said she was worried that parts of the sector have become “incredibly commercial,” with “blatant” sales tactics used to exploit a vulnerable market - and disguise the true odds. "We now see things like ‘guaranteed baby or your money back'," she said in the article.

"Some of the private sector clinics use very selective success rates in their sales tactics which we are also trying to stop. Because they need to be honest about their results by age group, by category of patient - all of which is available on our website."

"I would like our clinics to be honest about the success rates," she added. "They are catering to a bunch of vulnerable women."



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