First TEMOS accredited dental clinic in the Middle East - GMC Dental Centre, UAE


Temos GmbH, a German based organization that specializes in quality assessment and certification of hospitals and dental clinics worldwide, has certified GMC Super Specialty Dental Centre as a member of the International Temos Network.

GMC Dental Centre
, part of GMC Hospital based in Ajman in the UAE, is owned and run by the Thumbay group, a local company that owns several hospitals in the region. It is the first hospital or clinic in the Middle East to achieve this certification. The GMC dental centre is a state-of-the-art dental facility opened in 2010. GMC Hospital is the first private teaching hospital in the U.A.E with a capacity of 250 beds in the heart of Ajman.

Temos offers a seal of quality for internationally oriented hospitals and dental clinics.  Its services are based on the international standard ISO / IEC 17020 and have been developed in cooperation with leading travel health, insurance and assistance services worldwide, with experts in quality management.

After a self-evaluation questionnaire, a team of Temos experts including an internationally experienced medical doctor and a quality management expert do an onsite inspection of the hospital. Based on professional judgment and together with the management, ways and options for optimized care and services are discussed and realized. Hospitals meeting the requisite criteria/demands set by Temos and passing the process obtain the Temos Certificate, the seal of quality for high quality medical services for international patients. Temos offers an objective means of being assured of the general quality of certain services. They evaluate a vast range of hospital activities and governance, including management, equipment, clinical audit, research, training, and education, as well as clinical/medical activity. When the hospital or service meets the criteria, three years full certification is awarded.

Temos has a new partnership agreement with Dr. Hashem Al-Fadel, who is now the regional partner for hospital and dental accreditation in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.



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