Georgia - 13,900 foreigners for treatment and recovery


Over the last 5 years, Georgian dentists have been visited by an increasing number of foreigners. They go to Georgia for dental hygiene and oral examinations, as well as dental surgery and orthodontics. They usually come from countries to the east of Georgia and Georgia’s neighbouring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia. Emigrants from USA, Russians, Armenians and Azerbaijanis living in England also tend to go back to Georgia for medical and dental treatment.

Foreigners also go to Georgia to visit healthy resorts such as Borjomi or Tskaltubo.

The Georgian National Tourism Administration says that for the first quarter of 2018, the number of international visits to the country amounted to 1,463,561. This is 15.5% higher than the same quarter in 2017. The majority of the visits were by citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Russia.

Visit the IMTJ Country report on Georgia for further data and independent analysis on the medical travel sector.



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