Global healthcare insurance for stem cell treatment


CellPlan is the world’s first global stem cell healthcare plan, designed to revolutionise stem cell healthcare by making stem cell transplants affordable for families who require treatment for life threatening diseases.

WideCells Group’s stem cell healthcare insurance CellPlan can now be purchased by Biovault customers – an offering the group claims to be a first in Britain. Biovault is the UK's largest private human tissue storage facility.

CellPlan provides cover for up to €1 million of medical, travel, and accommodation expenses for the high-cost of stem cell treatment for individuals who have spent on storage of stem cells sourced from umbilical cords. The average price of the insurance product is £170 a year.

Customers have access to an expert second medical opinion as well as a global concierge service if treatment is carried out overseas.

Biovault stores more than 25,000 cord blood samples.

João Andrade of WideCells says: “With first sales expected soon, we are leveraging Biovault's register of over 25,000 samples to generate sales of our innovative complete stem cell insurance product CellPlan.” Cellplan will offer a live e-commerce platform soon. Partner Re underwrites the insurance.

CellPlan’s agreement with Biovault can be used as a benchmark for future agreements with the other 500 cord blood storage banks globally that store newborn’s umbilical cord blood, which contains potentially life saving stem cells, for three million customers,

Cord blood stem cells can be used to treat a range of over 80 blood disorders such as leukaemia, sickle cell disease and Fanconi’s anaemia. Research and clinical trials are also underway to utilise cord blood stem cells in the treatment of many other diseases including cerebral palsy.

CellPlan has done a deal for the insurance and related medical concierge service to be offered to both new and existing clients of Brazilian cord blood storage group Hemocord Clinica Medica. Hemocord stores 5000 stem cells and the deal offers CellPlan exposure to the largest cord blood storage market in South America.




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