Global Solutions acquires majority holding in e-Medsol


US group Global Solutions, a leader in strategic and software consulting services, has acquired a majority holding in e-Medsol, based in India. Buying e-Medsol enables Global Solutions to expand into medical tourism. e-Medsol has a platform and a process to create an integrated solution for medical tourism.

Anuja Agrawal of Global Solutions said: “We feel e-Medsol has created an offering which is truly unique and has the potential to provide a cohesive structure to the medical tourism industry. We are firmly committed to enhancing e-Medsol's offering to create a single point of service for any player in the medical tourism industry.”

Global has appointed a new chief executive and e-Medsol will continue to operate under the same name.

Dr Benosh Haris, founder of e-Medsol, who will continue as chief operating officer, said: “Global's strong financial backing, global infrastructure, strategic consulting and product development expertise will bring the stimulus needed to grow our medical tourism offering.”

e-Medsol, based in Kochi, India, has a network of 50 hospitals and healthcare providers and healthcare facilitators across the globe. Over the next few months, e-Medsol wants to significantly grow that number and seeks to add insurance companies and corporate destination managers to the network. e-Medsol will be launching its consolidated platform for medical tourism in India, IndiaCares, in the next few months. Its global platform will be launched shortly under the iGlobal brand.

There are more than 70 US medical tourism agencies that arrange medical travel for patients to Indian hospitals, and many more elsewhere in the world. Indiacares is an online platform so medical tourism agencies can tie up with hospitals in India and process everything online. Fifteen Indian hospitals are signed up as are 16 agencies; five in the US, three in Canada, three from UK, two from Middle East and three in Africa.

e-Medsol is a software and service company focused on development of products and services for the medical tourism industry. Since its inception in 2004, it has focused on developing online models that can effectively connect hospitals to medical tourism agencies. It enables hospitals and agencies to network online and refer patients directly to these hospitals.

Hospitals and agencies with existing working relationships often remain unconvinced that paying to add a third party into the mix will either increase their business or make their processes more efficient. Few agencies send more than a handful of patients to each particular hospital. New owners Global will need to add value to the offering to make it attractive to agencies and hospitals.



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