Government support for health tourism in Romania


The project entails building an adventure park, incorporating a removable summer sleigh system. The summer sleigh is meant to help further develop the area and attract more tourists during summer.

Borsec is known for its mineral waters, and the resort has lent its name to one of the best-known local brands of bottled mineral water.

Tourism minister, Bogdan Trif, has said that thermal spa resorts will benefit from further Government support for modernisation. 

"Wellness/spa tourism is developed in Europe and Romania has potential", he explained. "Thermal spa resorts receive a 90% financing if the local authorities submit projects with the Tourism Minister because we have decided that all resorts with a balneal potential are labelled as resorts of national interest. Another measure is the establishment of an investment fund, available to all thermal spa resorts that want to access funds to modernise and develop their infrastructure."



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