Growth in hair surgery sector in Turkey


There are many hair transplant clinics in Turkey, but fewer that are reputable ones offering modern facilities and fully trained staff. Only hospitals and clinics that have received a special hair transplant license are allowed to perform hair transplantation in Turkey, but hundreds of unlicensed clinics have opened as they see quick and easy profits.

The greatest risk is infection if the procedure is performed in conditions other than surgical sterilisation. 

In a good example of best practice, one licensed clinic, DK Hair Klinik in Antalya, warns patients of the potential risks and that they may have unrealistic expectations about what can be done. 

The clinic offers hair transplant packages with 3 or 4-day 5-star hotel accommodation, airport transfers and hair transplant surgery included. It also has WhatsApp support for patients after returning to their home country. The clinic says that deciding to transplant hair is a very difficult process and, according to its research, a person has the hair transplant procedure approximately one year after the decision. "People should be very clear in their decisions", the clinic says. "If they feel ready and have evaluated all possible risks and gains, they will feel more satisfied."




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