Health City Cayman Islands offers robotic assisted orthopaedic surgery


Health City Cayman Islands is now one of a small number of global hospitals that can perform robotic assisted orthopaedic surgery on knees, hips and other joints.

Even in the USA, few hospitals have this computer-guided system, and no other hospital in the Caribbean has it.

Robotic assisted surgery guides the surgeon to more precise bone cuts and ligament balancing for the best results. It reduces surgical errors and allows for more precise placement of implants and alignment and a superior result.

Where the system is most helpful is in difficult primary surgeries and correction of complex deformities associated with arthritic joints, that need joint replacements. These operations would not be possible without the assistance of the computer with infrared sensors and active trackers, which recreates a real time, 3-D model of the patient’s limb.

As the image is in real time, any movement of the patient’s limb is captured on the screen. With this level of detail, the surgeon can be guided to where they should place bone cuts and how much to balance the ligaments to achieve optimal surgical precision. The computer continues to monitor the rest of the surgery and can verify our technique and decisions at any step.

Following physiotherapy and exercise, patients report better results than those who undergo standard knee joint replacement.



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