Health insurance scheme now for 2020


Health challenges facing Bahrain including a 36% rate of obesity and the early death of many individuals because of chronic diseases, including diabetes.  A plan aimed at putting a cap on government medical spending by 2038 will start with the new national health insurance scheme.

Expatriate home workers, including housemaids, drivers, gardeners and nurses, will be covered for free under the scheme. 105,000 domestic workers registered in Bahrain will be granted the same health privileges as Bahrainis, with no extra charge for their employers. The National Health Insurance Law will see the government bear the cost of 19 categories of medical care for Bahrainis, as well as their domestic staff.

All other expatriates will have to contribute to their medical costs in 16 of the 19 categories, excluding primary and limited secondary healthcare and emergencies – replacing the partial health cover paid for by their employers.

The services provided free for Bahrainis and expat domestic workers include medical check-ups, diagnosis, treatment and primary healthcare; laboratory examinations and X-rays; operations; maternity and child care; hospitalisation for treatment and rehabilitation; dentistry excluding cosmetic procedures; psychiatric treatment and consultation; physiotherapy; In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF); liposuction; cosmetic surgery; medicines required for treatment; medical aid devices; cost of one travel companion if the case requires it; ambulance services; long hospitalisation;  and chronic illnesses.

Bahrainis will be able to seek these services for free at government-owned medical facilities. Those choosing private sector hospitals or clinics will have to pay no more than 40% of the cost, with the government paying the balance.



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