Health travel agreement one reason for more Omani travel to Iran


The article says that Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkey and Pakistan were the main source of tourists to Iran in H1.  In an effort to boost tourists from Oman, the eight bilateral agreements recently agreed were:

  • Adding Iran to the list of countries approved by the Omani government for health tourism services to Omani citizens. Omani patients receive medical subsidies if they visit government-approved countries for medical treatment.
  • Abolishing visa requirements for Iranian tourists. A similar measure was taken last year for Omani tourists visiting Iran.
  • Speeding up the check-in process at Omani airports for Iranian tourists.
  • Launching a cruise ship between the two sides to transport tourists.
  • Organising joint tourism packages. The private sectors of the two sides will work to offer foreign tourists visiting Oman travel packages for Iran visit during their stay. About 8 million foreign tourists travel to Oman annually.
  • Visa-on-arrival for Omanis at Iran's free zones.
  • The Omani government has agreed to reduce the cost of transit for Iranian passengers en route to other destinations compared with transit costs in other neighboring courtiers, mainly Turkey and the UAE. The measure is aimed at incentivizing Iranian travelers to replace major transit spots, namely Dubai and Istanbul, with Oman.
  • The Omani private sector will inform Omanis about the list of approved travel agencies in Iran to minimize the role of intermediaries in booking holidays.

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