Healthcare industry oppose draft medical liability law in Jordan


Four healthcare associations in Jordan have continued their opposition to a longstanding bill to introduce medical liability insurance in the country.

Repeating arguments that had been raised repeatedly, the organisations say that the bill favours insurance companies, and demand that the National Assembly not approve it without reference to the views of the associations.

Dr Ali al-Abous of the Jordan Medical Association: "We do not want our members and insurance companies on one side and lawyers representing the sick on the other. Conditions must be applied to protect doctors and a healthy working environment can be provided through guidance and protocols governing the work of doctors, showing them what to do and what to adhere to in diagnosing and treating illnesses." 

Doctors also want the medical institution in which they work to be the party that defends them and pays for medical liability insurance and legal costs if cases are taken to court.

Another concern is that patients may be apprehensive that the proposed law would force medical costs to rise, as doctors might ask for unnecessary tests, to avoid liability. Another argument is that the draft law does not define the medical responsibility and who is responsible.

The Ministry of Health and lawmakers' health committees are considering modifying the draft law with consensus from the four healthcare associations.



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