Hospitality in Health offers medical tourism recruitment services


Hospitality in Health, based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, has been established by Nico Dingemans, after successfully recruiting hospitality management staff for hospitals and healthcare providers throughout the Middle East. The new recruitment service is supported by the network of existing international recruitment groups.

The logic is that hospitals and others offering medical tourism services need specialist and hotel management and staff that add value to the medical tourism offering. As good as doctors are at patient care, they lack the hospitality skills needed when a hospital claims to offer five-star hotel service. Having successfully placed highly talented international 5 star hoteliers in the health -the idea for Hospitality in Health was born.

The approach for this type of recruitment process is highly specialized and requires a different methodology from the standard medical or hotel executive search process. As medical tourism continues to grow globally, so do patient expectations in not only medical, but increasingly also in non-medical services. The importance of patient and guest satisfaction is paramount to overall patient experience.

Hiring talented hospitality professionals will help hospitals:
* Upgrade non-medical service standards
* Add significant value to overall healthcare quality
* Implement a patient care culture throughout the organization
* Deliver a truly 5 star patient and guest experience

The new company provides worldwide, industry-wide reach in finding and recruiting quality hospitality candidates (non-medical) for key senior service management positions for high-end health industry clients, including,

* World-class hospitals
* Health/medical resorts and spas
* Lifestyle and wellness resorts and clinics
* Hotels with dedicated healthcare facilities



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