IEEA replaces ISQua


ISQua, The International Society for Quality in Health Care, is a non-profit, independent organisation with members in over 100 countries, formed in 1984.

Despite claims from hospitals and others to be ISQua accredited, no company or hospital or clinic can be directly or even indirectly accredited. Member organisations can only accredit to their own standards, they never ever confer ISQua status on anyone.

ISQua now is no longer directly involved as an accreditor of organisations as it has transferred all external evaluation and accreditation services to a new sister organisation, IEFA.

The International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA) was established in 2018 as a separate legal entity to deliver external evaluation services.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the IEEA commenced operations on 1st January 2019. The IEEA provides third-party external evaluation services to health and social care external evaluation organisations and standards developing bodies around the globe.

All existing awards by ISQua's IAP (International Accreditation Programme) have been transferred to the IEEA and are now formally recognised by IEEA. The status of currently awarded standards, organisations and surveyor training programmes are not affected by this change.

IEEA offers three products for health care external evaluation and standards setting bodies. These are:

  • Accreditation of external evaluation organisations
  • Accreditation of health and social care standards
  • Accreditation of surveyor training programmes

The IAP is the only international programme that accredits the accreditors, not hospitals, doctors or clinics.



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