Key speakers announced for AIRS China Rehabilitation Enabler and Facilitator International Meeting


Esteemed rehabilitation experts Prof. E. Schoenau (Member of the Scientific Committee of AIRS) and Harald Schubert (CEO of Novotec Medical) will be the two lead speakers at the AIRS China Rehabilitation Enabler and Facilitator International Meeting, it has been announced.

These highly regarded experts will speak on the advancements to the backbone system and any rehabilitation success.

They will address a range of topics regarding the development of rehabilitation based on their knowledge and experience of practical implementation strategies. The pair will also host a 2.5-hour intensive workshop that will provide insights and solutions to recognised issues.

Prof. Dr. E. Schönau and Harald Schubert will cover topics including:

The neuro-musculo-skeletal-interactions

Nerves, muscles and bones represent a functional unit.  The skeletal system adapts to the maximal muscle forces acting upon it. In the event of maximal forces applied to the bone, osteoblasts are stimulated by the principle of the “functional muscle-bone unit”. Accordingly, physical activity promotes bone formation, while on the contrary, with less use, e.g. in the case of long-term immobilization, rapid degradation of bone is induced.

Physiotherapy combined with mechanical stimulation

Neuro-muscular stimulation with mechanical stimulation (whole body vibration, WBV) is a new opportunity for device assisted rehabilitation for the treatment of neuro-musculo-skeletal diseases.

New rehabilitation strategies

An innovative new routine procedure of the German health care system combines interval-rehabilitation (intensive, functional and goal-directed physiotherapy) with 6 months of home-based WBV training. The summarized results of motor function after 6 months of training and 6 months follow-up for children with neuro-musculo-skeletal diseases will be presented. This concept is particularly feasible for a modern society with limited time resources for therapeutic interventions.

The guest speakers will also host an interactive workshop involving:

  • Diagnostics of muscle function
  • Physiological effects of mechano stimulation (indications, safety aspects, stimulation parameters, spasticity management, EMG outcome)
  • Hands-on practice

AIRS believe that learning first hand about the essentials of such a program will make a significant difference and can be of great value to the Chinese rehabilitation scenario.



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