Latvia offers good value for health and wellness tourism


Medical tourism has become a major international trend driven by health conscious consumers in the developed economies seeking the best way to their well being, through a travel and lower-cost healthcare experience.

One reason that prompts people to search for overseas solutions to their health problems is the possibility of saving money without sacrificing quality, and to see something new.

Latvia does not pretend to be a leader in medical treatment or diagnostics, but it is quietly becoming popular for health and wellness. Specialist centres and spas offer treatment courses for those recovering from chronic diseases with a variety of methods of treatment - gymnastics, massage, water procedures and diet that improve immunity and help to work all systems correctly.  

Pine trees on sand dune beaches, a beautiful sea endlessly throwing foaming waves onto the flat sandy shore, that is a calling card from the Baltic resorts. Contemporary Baltic health resorts and spa complexes are replacing traditional sanatorium-type health resorts, coupled with contemporary treatment methods.

The Baltic has a tradition dating back to the 13th century of sanatoriums and health resorts. Europeans have long been flocking to Baltic countries to take advantage of its wealth of natural resources - its picturesque landscapes, excellent climatic conditions, mineral rich water and therapeutic mud deposits - in getting rid of different physical maladies and combating mental disquiet.

Operating all-year round, these rehabilitation centers and sanatoriums offer package treatments that include accommodation, meals, medical care, physiotherapy and recreation. Medical services include diagnosis and treatment with state-of-the-art medical and rehabilitation equipment.

A popular area in the coastal area of Jurmala. This resort city is near Riga airport and the capital of Latvia – Riga. One of the treatment centers is the national rehabilitation center Vaivari. It is near the summer aqua park complex Nemo. Mineral mud-based therapy helps to recover from vascular diseases, varicose, heart, lungs and digestive tract diseases. It specializes in post-operational recovery and orthopedic recovery from diseases and operations. Another famous resort rehabilitation center is Jaunkemeri, near Riga, that has special therapies with Kemeri mud and mineral water. It specializes in health problems like heart and vascular diseases, the central and peripheral nervous system, adiposity, backbone, digestive organs, metabolism problems, skin, gynecologic, urological, and children’s diseases.

Latvia is an example of a country benefiting from health tourism that is rarely noticed by the medical tourism self-promotion industry. It would do even better if it moved away from old Communist ties, by ceasing to call the locations “ sanatoriums ‘ as the name reeks of institutionalized medicine where patients do as they are told or suffer the consequences.



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