Lebanon to tap into Canadian hospital accreditation expertise


Although rival JCI has accredited 2 hospitals in Lebanon, and they have accredited none in the country, Accreditation Canada International has been commissioned to carry out accreditation assessments for health care institutions in Lebanon on behalf of the Ministry of Public Health. The Lebanese Ministry has turned to Accreditation Canada for its expertise in assessing the quality and safety in health care facilities.

Accreditation Canada has teamed up with a local firm, United Management Bureau (UMB) to meet the specialized needs of the Lebanese Health Care Accreditation Framework. The work will include the training of local surveyors and the assessing of hospitals that will lead to an understanding and plan for necessary improvements and recommendations. The partnership with UMB will maximize the benefit of shared extensive experience - UMB with their expertise in management systems coupled with Accreditation Canada's excellent knowledge and understanding of principles of accreditation.

The quality of hospital care in Lebanon has moved from a focus on physical structure and equipment to a multidimensional approach, emphasizing managerial processes, performance and output indicators. Mohamad Fawaz at UMB says "Quality improvement principles and hospital accreditation address issues of quality of care deficiencies and harmful or wasteful practices. Using Lebanese standards, the partnership between Accreditation Canada and UMB will play a key role in assisting in the objective of upgrading the quality and safety of care in Lebanon.” Wendy Nicklin of Accreditation Canada adds,” The breadth and reach of the focus on quality and safety in health care, continues to expand. Our experience and flexibility is a benefit which we bring to international markets with pride."

Accreditation Canada International specializes in exporting health accreditation expertise to global frontiers. Accreditation Canada is a not-for-profit, independent organization that provides national and international health and social service organizations with a voluntary, external peer review to assess the quality of their services based on standards of excellence. It already works with The Bahrain Ministry of Health on an accreditation programme where local hospitals are in the process of international accreditation. In Kuwait it has accredited two hospitals, plus four in Saudi Arabia and one in the UAE.

Recognizing that one standard approach does not work for everyone, Accreditation Canada International customizes its accreditation program to meet the client’s needs. Working collaboratively with clients, it provides continuous guidance without being prescriptive. The accreditation program is adaptable, culturally sensitive, and competitively priced. Accreditation Canada – the institution and the accreditation program – has been fully accredited three times since serving as a pilot for the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) in 1995.

In 2007 a contract was signed between the Lebanese MOH and the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) to develop a hospital accreditation program. The new deal replaces this.



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