Libya still owes Jordan private hospitals hundreds of millions


Private hospitals in Jordan are still owed $300 million by the Libyan government for treating injured Libyans during the civil war.

As there is no single central Libyan government, each of the competing groups denies it is their bill.

The delay in paying affects hospitals, companies, doctors and others, with Libyans promising to pay for several years but not actually paying up.

The health minister of the Libyan Government of National Accord visited Jordan to discuss the issue, but the Libyan embassy in Amman does not represent the Libyan Government of National Accord, a matter that hinders the payment process.

The Jordanian government's decision to restrict visa issuance for a number of nationalities has hit medical tourism hard, losing business to Turkey, India, Tunisia and Egypt.

Under current regulations, hospitals are responsible for providing a guarantee for nationals coming from countries with restricted entry to Jordan.

But hospital managements cannot always take the risk of sponsoring a visa for a patient whose background they do not know.



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