Luxury hospital chain across India


A plan is forming to develop a chain of luxury hospitals that will offer comfort with treatment. Discussions between ministry officials and hospital groups are continuing.

A new accreditation system for hospitals, to include a grading system taking into account comforts and luxuries, has also been discusses. No decision has been reached.

The National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board wants the tourism ministry to help sell health and wellness packages to tourists. It wants consular generals and embassy officials to recommend prominent hospitals and health facilities. The reaction to both ideas is at best lukewarm.

Latest figures for the number of tourist arrivals in India on medical visas:

  • 2013, 56,129 medical visas plus 42,017 medical attendants.
  • 2014 75,671 medical visas and 63,776 medical attendants.
  • 2015, 134,344 medical visas and 99,574 medical attendants
  • 2016 (the first 6 months) 96,856 medical visas and 70,535 medical attendants

There were moves from standard visas to medical visas so the increased numbers do not mean more medical tourists, while not every medical tourist uses a medical visa, so they are not medical tourism numbers.

In 2014, 56.2% of tourists arriving from Maldives were on a medical visa, while 49.6% and 34.2% of arrivals from Nigeria and Afghanistan were on a medical visa.




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